What I Hate About Scotland !

I’ve done a post on what I love about Scotland blog post but never one about what I hate. So here is a list of what I Hate about Scotland

Hate – This might shock some but I hate traditional Scottish literature Robert Louise Stevenson and Walter Scott I find their books dry and not to my cup of tea.

Hate – The way we treat people – It might be worse in England but Scottish people like to label people junkies a lot.

Hate – Shortbread its just not a good biscuit

Hate – Nationalism. I’m just sick of our country saying they want to stay in the EU it might be alright for skilled workers to sit back in their chairs and call us racists but we have family’s to feed , houses to heat we need jobs and there all being taken by immigrants. I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m a unionist but I hate how the younger generation all want independence and that its stupid not to want it when most of them are students and are not actually full time workers or on benefits and think its easy to get a Job I can tell you now. Its not. The rich look after themselves it wouldn’t matter if we were independent or not.

Hate – Our stereotypes. I think people think that us Scottish people are a lovely friendly folk when in reality most strangers look like they want to spit on you for saying hi.

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Ten Things Ive learned In my 19 Years



1.sometimes people are wrong. Wither its your parents or proffesionals sometimes it better just not to listen.

2.Stay In School No matter how hard it gets. When people say you’l regret it you honestly will. Dont give in to opression. As the quote goes education is our greatest weapon.

3 Avoid psyciatric hospitals at all costs. You know when you hear about writers being depressed its kinda a sterotype.Honestly being admited to hospital  will make your health so much worse as no one wants to be degraded and treated like shit the way they do in hospital.

4.Its ok not to be ok-  Sometimes you have to give yourself a break. No ones perfect and you probably are doing your best. Minus the breakdown.

5.Remember who the real enemy is – You may have had a bad experience in life that turns you bitter. You may look for someone to blame your family , your friends , yourself. You have to remember that its not these peoples fault. Its just the fascist society we live in. If anything its moneys fault because the world revolves around it.

6.Go easy on the chocolate – As nice as it is. You will gain weight.

7.Smoking isnt always bad – All you see over the packets of ciggerettes are warnings not to do it. Honestly though I think smoking has helped me. It helps mask panic attacks , gets me to go outside more which elievates depression , helps me mentain my weight and can be used as inspiration. Most of my ideas for poems and prose pieces have happend over a fag. To be honest I wish Ide started it sooner.

8.Its hard being a young woman – I know. Its hard being a woman. Its hard being second best. If your poor and a woman its hard being like 10th best. Try and do things that empower you and help convince you your not just scum of the earth. Read books by female authors watch films with female actresses , listen to music sung by females. Go to clubs with other woman. Just know that we all feel the same.

9.ts Natural to worry about the future – Will I ever get a job? Will I be a bad mother? Will my partner leave me ? Its natural

10.Dont let other people bring you down – This kinda ties into my first suggestion. Dont listen to nasty people. Dont listen when your called a bum , dont let it get to you when people at the Job centre look down their snots at you. You are great, you are you!!!

Scottish Independence & Abandoning Red Clydeside



Like many of your average scots I am a supporter of the Yes movement. Despite my criticism of the SNP I would firmly tick the Yes box as I believe every country should be entitled to govern itself. However, the main reason I am so critical of the SNP is because a lot of scots tend to put a halo around the party. You have to remember their a political Party. They sit in a nice cosy parliament suited and booted sipping on their lattes and filling in paperwork. They are not revolutionaries. Nicola Sturgeon is not marching the streets proclaiming that you put down your tools and don’t go to work until you have a pay rise, or screaming in landlords faces about rent charges and homelessness, or peering through everyone’s window to make sure that all social housing is comfortable and safe and a decent place to live. She is not walking into every school in Scotland and making sure the less well off pupils are building the future they deserve and getting to sit the exams they should be , she is not walking into hostels and foodbanks and apologising to all the people who use them. They make mistakes!!!! They have flaws!!! They have ignorance’s!!! They can consciously be deceitful and neglectful like any other government!!!!  They exist in a capitalist country, their not heroes they have not made our country perfect of even progressed it much since they have been in power. Right at this present moment in Holyrood they WILL be neglecting something or pulling money from some Scottish service.

The reason I say this is because even though I support the Yes movement. I voted for a labour candidate in the council elections to govern my local area. The reason being Is simply I believe they will do the best job. The county where I live has always been a labour strong hold, this year labour have still remained in power over our community. Which I’m happy about as I believe they will do the best job. My fear is that everyone is jumping ship on socialism for the idealistic idea of nationalism. We’re abandoning are past , abandoning the radicalism of Red Clydeside and any radicalism of any sort. We look up to Nicola Sturgeon as a feminist figure. But we forget our history we forget some of the first female political figures like Mary Barbour who was one of the first female councillors and formed the woman’s housing association. She fought tirelessly against rent increases and helped stage protests to stop woman being evicted from their homes while their men were at war ( The police and Government supported these evictions) and helped push for some of the first social housing in Scotland after WW1.

Coming from a family of firm labour supporters it does feel almost disloyal to completely abandon the labour party. It seems Socialism and radicalism are almost turning a bit old school in Scotland with a lot of the youth supporting the SNP. Yes you could argue things have changed now Red Clydeside was before thatcher for example and it’s understandable why we would want away from are supposed friends the English who closed down all of our industry and thrust half of Scotland into dismal poverty , and who now still keep Scotland weak , oppressed and suffering.

Yet in among all the Support for the Yes and fierce defence of it , it does seem a shame that , that has forced us to turn are back on socialism and our more rebellious roots.