Capitalism And It’s Effect On Mental Health

Antipsychotics: Do they do more harm than good?

I stumbled across an interesting article in The Herald today that argued that modern mental health disorders are more down to capitalism than a biological disorder. In the article written about the book sedated its says the economical issues like poverty and isolation are more common causes to why people are “sick” I myself have been on anti psychotics for years and I believe this to be true growing up in cramped housing , having a poor diet and mostly just struggling to get by may have caused my illness. Although I would never put anyone off taking medication as I believe like dementia there is biological factor behind diseases like depression and psychosis. I think any mental heath professional who does not treat mental disorders like any other illness is not doing their job properly.

However , unemployment and cuts to benefits does not make you happy. If you have a job you have some sort of motivation in your life. Your around people so less likely to develop psychotic symptoms from isolation, the wealthier you are the better your diet and exercise is and so on. Which all lead to better mental wellbeing.

Davies argues that radical political reform is needed to tackle the social issues of despair. Basically higher taxation on the rich. So many things including mental health are linked to poverty. Substance abuse , crime , physical illness , attainment gap , shorter life span. The poor are constantly penalised. We blame poverty on ourselves when in fact our lives are made shittier because of capitalism. We’re forced into low paid jobs or benefits. While some (who can drive ) whizz around in fancy cars and spend their money heating their massive houses. It’s a way of life you don’t know unless you’ve experienced it. And for most unless you win the lottery never will.

Voting ?

Should I vote Labour , SNP or …Tory?

Personally I want to start of by saying I’m sick of the SNPs propaganda I literally hate the party. I just feel like they could do better I almost feel sorry for them with all of the grief we’ve experienced this year.Actually correction I dont think I could have a simple act of sympathy for the snp. I feel that Scottish labour is the only party that can really make a difference to scotland. We dont need rallies with flags and irn bru we need a party who actually care about the most vulnerable in our society such as low wage workers , the disabled and long term unemployed. Even the conservative party want to put more money into the health service.

More over I think the NHS has came to a breaking point and it shouldn’t be free for everyone , if you have enough money you should pay so that we can have a better health care service for everyone. The middle class are only voting for SNP so they can get free university access and prescriptions while the lower side of society suffer.

We use these things to seem superior to England and other countries when really our education and healthcare are suffering and generation after generation are slipping through the net. The conservative party even pulled us out of a fascist European union. People with professional jobs just dont understand the need for jobs , for those at the bottom of society which are taken by foreigners. They just happily skip along in ignorantly thinking the job market is great. The SNP are charming but in reality their just watered down conservatives.

I can actually say this right now at this moment I would literally vote conservative over SNP. If I had to! I really don’t agree or understand what they do but at least even in a country of conservative rule , youd her better treatment than the slums where I live. Overall I want a party that can look after me , not one that breaks me!

I wish I could Rewind the clock !

I wish I could rewind the clock
Like a tape recorder.
So i could sit in that cardboard box
Or bake with my mum.
I long to go back to that couch and watch ghost adventures with my brother and for the night to slip away while we cowered beneath a cover.

I wish I could have toast with my nana at her kitchen table.
Or help her with her scrap book that disappeared.
I think if she new she’d be angry for once ,  perhaps from out of fear.

I wish my gran could read me the wishing chair as a child.
Or make me chocolate spread on toast.
What is there anymore no money,  no life , no hope!

Perhaps I could go back to my English classroom and have a bit of fun!
Instead I’m standing looking down the barrel of a gun.

We could of had a council house with proper rooms or cartons of orange juice instead of frozen food !
But be careful where you point your finger it might come back to you !

What if his had not happened
And we were still hanging about down the point
He offered me a cigarette
I should of smoked a joint! 

I wish I could wash the names out of their mouths with turps.
I don’t want attention , only the peaceful song of morning birds.

My clothes still smell like the flat that I chucked you out of.

Black and Blue Chapter 1(Even serial killers have heroes)

You’re going to pay for what you did. The carpenter whispered to himself as he strummed the strings of the guitar. My daughter ain’t a bum and I don’t read fiction he spat. Especially when its sold in Tesco.

Rebus Should of been in the army she whispered guilty 🙂

“You’re not making it easy for us , are you? sand squirmed with pleasure. Four beats ‘and the third victim ? ‘ ‘Glasgow’ shand recited.’keligrove park . Her name was Judith Cairns. She told me to call her ju-ju. I did her same as the others. He sat back in his chair , drawing himself up and folding his arms. Rebus was kneeling in front of him , hauling him up by the front of his shirt. You’re a Liar!’ he hissed. ‘everything you know you got straight from the papers , and what you had to make up was pure dross!’ He let go and got to his feet . His hands were damp where he’d been holding the shirt. I’m not lying Shand pleaded , still prone ‘Thats gospel I’m telling you !” Rebus stubbed out his half-smoked cigarette. The ashtray tipped more buts onto the table. Rebus picked one up and flicked it at shand. Are you not going to charge me ? ‘ You’ll be charged alright : Wasting police time. A spell in saughton with an arsewhipe for a roommate. ‘we usually just let him go’ Maclay said picking him off the floor. I’m johnny Bible ! I’m johnny Bible. ‘not even close craw ‘ Mcclay said quieting him with a punch.

Socialism vs Communism

Socialism vs Communism

I think there is a difference between socialism and communism. I believe in socialism higher taxation and higher wages for workers. Communism on the other hand is a kind of exploitation it tells people that rising up and having a bloody revolution and overthrowing the government is the answer to poverty when it isn’t. We have to remember that millions died in the Russian Revolution. Although we hate the police and education system, we still need it to maintain some kind of order in our society. After the first world war in Britain the Liberal democrats introduced social welfare reforms in Britain such as the free school meals act in 1906. However even today this act is neglected children with parents on low income are given the choice. They still make their children up packed lunches full of Nutella sandwiches and crisps. Or give their children money. This in itself shouldn’t be allowed. If your child is entitled to school meals, they should get school meals!! It isn’t about the parent its about the child. Every child should have the opportunity to have at least one descent nutritious school meal a day such as soup or potatoes and chicken or whatever. When I think back now as a young child, I used to love school dinners I liked getting a cup of soup and a nice fresh roll or getting a carton of chocolate milk or a cup of fresh orange or apple juice or cake and ice cream. Then as I got older I started coming home for my lunch. I missed out on the opportunity to mix with my peers and instead spent the time at my grans house watching bargain hunt and eating tinned macaroni.

This I think this effected my ability to socialise at high school. First and second year were just a nightmare you were sort of thrown in at the deep end expected to swim. You were given a timetable and expected at 12 years old to work out where all your different classrooms were. My school was quite big and had lots of different blocks. I remember an adult once asked me where a classroom was like if an adult cant work it out why are you expecting a twelve-year-old to be able to? I remember the panic of having like four minutes to work out where all these different classrooms were desperate not to be late in case you were humiliated by your peers or teachers. At break times I spent them lining up in my fife card que to avoid being titled a loner. The liberals also carried out the (administrative provisional act) 1907. Medical inspections carried out for school children, school boards could act against parents who sent their child to school in a bad condition (not that they actually do) free medical treatment given to school children after 1912. Children’s act (the children’s charter) 1908. Child begging was outlawed, penalties imposed on shops for selling tobacco or alcohol to children. Juvenile courts were set up. DEATH SENTENCE ABOLISHED FOR CHILDREN!!!!!!

In terms of Part 1 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (which deals with matters including parental rights and responsibilities), a child is generally defined as someone under the age of 18.

That means that killing children under the age of 18 whatever the reason is murder and in America would be classed as a capital offence and could lead to life imprisonment or even execution and anyone who supports the death sentence for children should  not have a place in government or the health system , during training medical students take the Hippocratic oath the exact phrase “do no harm” . I have bairns does not matter. The Law is The Law. If you don’t want someone in your country as you believe they are at risk, you move them to a different country to receive treatment you don’t just kill a child. No matter who they are. If their disabled, If their NEET, If their Charles Dickens or even if their bloody Michael Jackson. The Law is the Law. And breaking it especially this law should come with severe consequence. Let alone allowing the person to become prime minister of the country. In the early 19th century a free national health service did not exist, and the poor could not afford medical attention, In 1911 the liberal democrats introduced the national insurance act in 1911. However, despite this the NHS still tend to favouritism more wealthier patients. Like girls with anorexia over children with acute mental health problems. Like if a child is phoning nhs 111 practically everyday complaining of panic attacks do you not think they need SOME FUCKING HELP!!!

  • provided compulsory health insurance for workers earning under £160 per year
  • the scheme was contributory – the employee paid 4d, the employer paid 3d and the state paid 2d – to provide sickness benefit of 9 shillings
  • if ill, the employee was paid 9 shillings (for up to 13 weeks) then 5 shillings (for an additional 13 weeks)
  • the employee was also offered free medical treatment
  • 30 shillings was provided for maternity benefit

However benefits were lost after 26 weeks absence from work.

Reforms for the unemployed remember there’s a difference between being working class and being poor. The poor are regularly regarded as the homeless or unemployed and sick and those relying off the state for their income. The working class usually work in low paid jobs such as shops, factories, building sites , cleaners , beauticians ect.  

Labour exchange act , 1909

Offices were set up to help unemployed people find work. By 1913 430 labour exchanges were set up 3000 people a day were provided with work by 1914, however when long term unemployment increased and the system began to break. Like today.

Labour reforms 1945-51

Throughout world war two , the country was governed by a coalition government , Labour , conservative and Liberal democrat (who all failed to stop Hitler and the Nazis. Campervan Germans spit) During the war the government became much more involved in peoples life’s and introduced rationing of foodstuff clothing and food. They gave extra milk to children and expectant mothers but not to the millions of Jews , communists , disabled and black people dying in death camps. The rationing and bombing helped peoples attitudes change towards poverty as people had limited means. William Beveridge was the driving force behind the welfare state,

The Welfare state was made up of the five Giants.

Disease (caused by inadequate healthcare)

Want (Caused by poverty)

Squalor (caused by poor housing)

Ignorance (caused by lack of education)

Idleness  (caused by the lack of Jobs , or the ability to gain employment)

Even today these five simple reforms are neglected. The NHS is not fit for purpose and is neglecting people’s health. Want. People in this country are given barely nothing by the state and are Hardly able to survive. Squalor Margret thatcher sold all of our council housing meaning a rise in homelessness especially in young people and making claiming a suitable council house incredibly difficult. Ignorance the government could easily increase the school leaving age to 18 but don’t as they fear it will mean less university places and high wage jobs for middle- and upper-class children. Idleness because of poor and working-class children’s lack of qualifications and education, and poor mental or physical health there is an inability to gain employment. Take me for example say I had been made by law to stay in school at least until 17 this could have changed my life drastically. Even if I didn’t have enough qualifications to access university, I would have probably been able to access the armed forces. As I would have ok qualifications and perhaps be fit enough mentally, or I could have accessed a HNC at college in social science or journalism. Yet our government are disgustingly biased. They put out little things to trip us up, like introducing national 4 and not allowing less academic or poorer children to sit an exam paper. When you actually think about it our government is mucked up. We claim to be superior because our education and healthcare is free, but it is inadequate, its bursting at the seems its unfit for purpose and wealthier families should have to pay for their healthcare and education. Even if that means you get a less fancy car or a house with a smaller mortgage. It would mean that poorer children don’t slip through the net and a poorer child’s life is worth more than anything of material value.

Raising The School Leaving Age In Scotland

Why The School leaving age should be upped to 18 in Scotland

There is a well known quote that education is our greatest weapon and it’s TRUE. Education protects us from poverty , it protects us from making the same mistakes as those that have gone before us , it raises our self esteem it gives us the chance to fulfil our dreams. However many children are missing out on the opportunity to complete their education and reach their full potential as the government has decided it is fair that some children should be aloud to “leave” school early or slip through the net.

A first reason as to why the school leaving age should be upped , is to create a more equal and knowledgeable society. Children, teenagers are the future. As much as they like to think they know it all. They don’t. Hidden under the dock Martins and super dry backpacks , rock music and arrogance. Lies a vulnerable, maturing individual. As well as teaching teenagers the basic maths and literacy , education also teaches us about the benefits we are entitled to and discrimination in the workforce. That is why I also think modern studies should become a compulsory subject up until forth year.

I think children should have a balanced diet when it comes to education. This means you have to take a subject from every area up until the age of 16 even if science and maths isn’t your strong point or English and history isn’t your walk in the park. it’s good to understand these subjects. Say you have 6 subjects to chose. You should then have to chose one social science subject , one stem subject , one business subject and one lifestyle subject e.g music , art , home ec , or physical education. ( or ecology? )
I also think what is taught to those under the age of 16 is not very well organised. Take history for example we are taught in forth year about war and revolutions while in higher they are taught about things like social welfare reforms and wars of independence. To me this seems very backward thinking. I think we need to be more careful when it comes to teaching younger more vulnerable children about wars. We have to remember that these distressing events actually took place and that it’s not very appropriate to be teaching it casually to children.

Furthermore I think texts taught at national 5 English can be shallow and right wing. Classic texts like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre and poets like Robert Burns or T.S Eliot are not taught at national 5 level in a fear they will be to challenging. I say. Rubbish. Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy classical good literature even if it is more challenging for teachers. I think when it comes to teaching poetry it is wrong to only teach Scottish poetry as I find this very biased and unconsciously leading children like mindless nationalist sheep.
Moving off subject the Scottish national party has decided to give everyone in the NHS a £500 bonus for their great work. This I find slightly disgusting. It’s like the NHS is a sacred sand castle that no one is afraid to stomp on and destroy. The NHS should first and foremost be about patients and not about staff. Like in every job some people are good and some people are poor. Some NHS nurses can be creepy cold and unsympathetic. Some teachers can be bigoted and ignorant. And some writers can be delusional and selfish. It’s just life.
To conclude the legal school leaving age in Scotland should be increased to 18 to give every child the opportunity to prosper and for them to achieve their full potential whatever their background , nationality , race , gender or disability.

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline in Fife on November fifth 1935. He was brought up in a weaver’s cottage which had only one room and was educated at a free school. When he was thirteen his father fell on hard times as a handloom weaver and the country was in a state of starvation. He Emigrated to the USA in 1948 with his father who was a handloom weaver his family had to borrow money in order to emigrate. They emigrated in hope of a better life. He started work at thirteen in a textile mill making eighty pence a week for sixty hours work. He then became a telegraph boy. He went to night school and took bookkeeping. His break came when he went to work for the railroad he became head of the western division within seven years. He went from making eighty pence a week to some fifty-seven thousand dollars a year in the space of ten years. He went from there to steel and moved up the ladder. By nineteen hundred his company showed some forty million pounds in profit and is employed some twenty thousand people in the space of around fifty years. However, Carnegie was also known for buying out competitors and depressing wages. He married Louise Whitfield in 1886 age 51. His employees did not always appreciate his methods though in years to come many others would benefit from his generosity as he gave some three hundred and fifty million dollars towards the building of libraries, schools, towards the arts and peace movements the purchase of parks and for education in the last eighteen years of his life he gave away $350 million. He made his money through manufacturing. He is identified as one of the richest people ever with a net worth of 309billion.

Scotland’s Shame

Scotland’s Shame 
There are children jumping in front of trains , and grown men throwing bricks through window panes.
An old woman drowning out her sorrow by voting for the devils of tomorrow.

There are qualified girls lining up for food , and young boys disguising their face with a hood.
Polite ladies burning up my book , whilst their dearest darlings get up to no good. Kicking the life out of a man until his lips turn to blue.

For I have seen your likes before , I have already chapped this door and ran away I never stay. In the dark I stiffly lay.

For they are you and they are me. Scotland’s shame to the highest degree.
Sentence me with immortality.

You are people in textbooks no more , which teenagers think are just a bore.

For we have slept here before.

Out Over The Forth By Robert Burns

Type: Song

Out over the Forth, I look to the North;
But what is the north and its Highlands to me?
The south nor the east gie ease to my breast,
The far foreign land, or the wide rolling sea.

But I look to the west when I gae to rest,
That happy my dreams and my slumbers may be;
For far in the west lives he I loe best,
The man that is dear to my babie and me.

Burns has to be my favourite poet , if not my favourite. I was sitting looking out over the forth today and this poem talked to me and touched my heart. I had to share it.