Puzzle Biffy Clyro (Review)

I recently started to listen to the album Puzzle by Biffy Clyro whilst I was on holiday and so far I’ve enjoyed it very much. It is one of Biffy Clyros older albums (Released in 2007) although personally I find I enjoy a lot of artists earlier albums the most and this is definitely the case with this album. I don’t know why this is? Perhaps it’s because a lot of earlier art is more raw and stripped back , or the artist isn’t holding themseves to anything (and it probably hasn’t had as much money and easthetics poured into it) , earlier work always seems more natrual and of a higher quality in my experience anyway. A lot of the songs in this album were soft rock with simple lyrics and the whole thing seemed to fit together very nice and tidily (Almost like a puzzle)

My favourite song off the album is folding stars. Mostly because the tune and lyrics have been ratling around my head since I first listened to it and this is usually a sign of a good song.

Next would have to be “Get Fucked Stud” this song has a little bit more heavy cords although I love the bit near the end when the guitar builds up and he just sings “Get Fucked Stud !!” really loud it resonates with me on a deep level as theres a lot of things and people in my life I feel this way about hehe. 🙂

The last song I love off this album is “Machines”. I actually started listening to this song  last year around this time it’s such a nice gentle song which reminds you to appreciate life and I don’t think you can listen to it without it touching you.

I put both of these up because the audio version and the music video version of this song sounds different so you can decide which one you like better. 🙂

The Pale White – Reveiw

The Pale white are a band who have recently emerged in 2017. They have currently released four new singles and have 116,547 followers on spotify signaling that they could be a new up and coming popular rock band.

Their music is catchy and engaging with simple lyrics but upbeat rythm.

Their most popular song That Dress starts with an upbeat raw guitar riff and tells the story of the bitterness of love even in with the few simple lines.


“give me something a little bit more

cause I need to know

are you staying or just playing , with me….?


Its not the best , when your around

and you wear that dress

Its not the best  , when your around

and you wear that dress.

Guitar riff


So are you staying?

cause its not the same anymore

you can take what you like.


cause its not the best when your around

and you wear that dress.

It’s not the best when your around

And you wear that dress.

guitar riff 

It’s not the best , but I’ll make do

It’s not the best when your around

and you wear that dress. ”


They also released a song called Reaction. My personal favourite. I always get a sense of daja Vu when I listen to this song like I’ve heard it somewhere before. Perhaps it’s just it’s catchy rythm but it sounds familiar to me.


They also have a song Second Place. This song has there most slowest rythm and is the most darkest and melcholy out of all of their songs. With echoey haunting accoustics.

Overall this band are very good and their music can be attractive to all tastes. I think It’s not hard to predict this band is soon going to explode.