Black and Blue Chapter 1(Even serial killers have heroes)

You’re going to pay for what you did. The carpenter whispered to himself as he strummed the strings of the guitar. My daughter ain’t a bum and I don’t read fiction he spat. Especially when its sold in Tesco.

Rebus Should of been in the army she whispered guilty 🙂

“You’re not making it easy for us , are you? sand squirmed with pleasure. Four beats ‘and the third victim ? ‘ ‘Glasgow’ shand recited.’keligrove park . Her name was Judith Cairns. She told me to call her ju-ju. I did her same as the others. He sat back in his chair , drawing himself up and folding his arms. Rebus was kneeling in front of him , hauling him up by the front of his shirt. You’re a Liar!’ he hissed. ‘everything you know you got straight from the papers , and what you had to make up was pure dross!’ He let go and got to his feet . His hands were damp where he’d been holding the shirt. I’m not lying Shand pleaded , still prone ‘Thats gospel I’m telling you !” Rebus stubbed out his half-smoked cigarette. The ashtray tipped more buts onto the table. Rebus picked one up and flicked it at shand. Are you not going to charge me ? ‘ You’ll be charged alright : Wasting police time. A spell in saughton with an arsewhipe for a roommate. ‘we usually just let him go’ Maclay said picking him off the floor. I’m johnny Bible ! I’m johnny Bible. ‘not even close craw ‘ Mcclay said quieting him with a punch.

Knots And Crosses – Inspector Rebus Series (Review)

Knots and Crosses Is the first book in the Inspector Rebus Series by Ian Rankin. The book is mainly used as an introduction to the main character Inspector Rebus whom we follow throughout the series. The Series are popular for Ian’s masterful depiction of reality. He manages to successfully dig beneath the surface of Scotland’s facades and create a gritty picture of Scotland’s underclass and reveal its flaws.

The stories are told through Rebuses eyes. As a detective, he has access to some of the most chilling crimes and settings and we see some of the harsh truths of Scotland from his perspective. The personality of his character is important. He is not a character that a reader can easily fall in love with he can be grumpy, callous and perhaps even stoic at some points. He suffers from person flaws such as being a divorcee maintaining a weak relationship with his daughter and suffering from alcohol abuse. Despite this we trust as the characters flaws make him appear more human.

The plot of the book centres around young girls going missing and getting murdered in Edinburgh. The reader is given an insight into Inspector Rebuses past before his life in the police force when he is put under hypnosis by his brother Michael. We discover that Inspector Rebus used to be in the SAS and was captured as a prisoner of war and tortured by being placed in solitary confident. After escaping he suffered a breakdown and left to join the police force. We discover that this has a relation to the kidnappings and the main antagonist in the book was also in solitary confinement with Rebus in the SAS. The book climaxes at the end when Inspector Rebuses own daughter Sammy is kidnapped. The kidnapper is framing as an innocent role of librarian and this is how he is gaining access to the young girl’s identity’s.

Overall the book is an exciting short introduction to the series and the adventures of Inspector Rebus which are yet to come……