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Everything was going swell (do you like that? A little word thrown in there for my american cousins) Anyaways, life was great. I rejoined the gym last Thursday and I’ve been doing cross-country in the dark on Wednesday evenings with some friends. Cross-country in the dark is amazing, until you get lost in the forest. […]

Dear Lord, He’s Back! — Charliecountryboy’s Blog

A letter to you

Do you think your the only one with problems? Yes you told us your sons ILL and your sister died at a young age. But I had to witness my mother having severe seizures all my life. It traumitises you. No wonder I’m depressed and psychotic. And now you want to punish me , who gives you the right ? My niece has to sleep in this house too. And you want to put this on my shoulders to label me as some evil psycopath. I’m not a quiet girl anymore that you can tell off , or roll your eyes at. Im a woman. So piss off. You tried to kill yourself , so did I. I went down and ate that food every bloody night and not one person gave a shit. And I tried to grab that food off his daughter and the nurses stopped me. What he did was wrong. What they gave me made my teeth black and my noes bleed and my shits come out really fast one more week and I would of been dead. One day after taking blood my noes started to bleed and the posher nurses was like we’re gonna go play cards and not think about it. How dare they. And now they want to execute my old head. How fucking dare they.

The Horrible Days That Were School.

“Back at the old grey school, I would win and you would lose ” The Smith’s

The only book I can remember taking out of that libary was Jane Eyre. Out of all the books I chose the best one. I remember crying at the part where Helen dies as she was my favourite character. A girl so brave and compassionate she showed love to Jane even though the other girls were scared and shunned her. It was Jane’s first experience of love with this friendship. I also had a friendship like this when I was in primary , I remember an English Girl coming into my class with a high school musical bag and for once I could relate to someone , because she was like me , she was sorry to say it but not that well off. In my first five years of school all the other girls in my class were stuck up bitches. Who probably did bully me. So I became very withdrawn as a child cause I didn’t think I was good enough. It pains me to think that other children can feel this way. Yesterday I went to dobbie’s and I bought four books for my niece one of them was called Too Timid To Talk. Cause I never want her to feel that way. My brothers quite outgoing and not as soft as my dad so hopefully she’ll have a better quality of life than me.

I also remember trying to read great expectations in third year and my English teacher saying you sure your ok with that book , and she was right. I was too young to understand what poverty really was. I also remember a boy in my English class slipping through the net and my English teacher going “oh well”(bitch) There were so many pupils in that school she just didn’t care. I looked up to her I wanted to be like her and now maybe I realise she was more of a fascist hag than anyone else in that school. Even though she wore a hoodie on none school uniform day , and swore a bit. Maybe she was just a bitch.

I also remember the fire alarm. Yep. I remember that very clearly. My friend pushing the button and hearing a little “click” and then the whalling started and the fear shook you right to your core. And we all ran out from under c block as fast as lightning

Like a tornado siren. And you thought what if this is it? And everyone started running and panicking and just left you. Cheers for that weiges. I remember it in hospital in the middle of the night and thinking for God sake you’ve just given me sleeping tablets and got me settled and now this. Like it’s going to help cause let’s just face it whoever was setting off those alarms is a FUCKING INCOSIDIRATE ARSEHOLE.

Furthermore. I also remember huddling in the corner of the libary with my friends at lunch and trying to read a massive Stephen king book , again just to look impressive even though I’m not too big a fan of American stuff , and watching IT in hospital and one of the girls going get ( again another bitch) It wasnt really my kind of film anyway.

Anyway not to sound arrogant, but I think I know a good book from a bad one. Like some of the book suggestions that some of those teachers gave were very patronising and degrading. Like David walliams I struggling with literacy. I’m not an infant.

So here are some of my book suggestions.

  • Robert Burns first and foremost and Norman MacCaig. Wee sliket towering timmorist beestie. I think poetry is a great idea for people who struggle with literacy because its simpler and even I have to admit i find books challenging.
  • Jane Eyre for the girls because it’s a classic
  • Birdsong because if your studying ww1 this is a great book and his imagery and description is beautiful.
  • All The Light We Cannot see. This believe it or not was the inspiration for my prose piece I submited for my national 5 folio. And I’m a bit biased I love historical fiction , and this book about a blind girl is great.
  • Great Expectations , cause its a classic.
  • Maybe if your looking for a non fiction book I’m currently reading low born which is about a Scottish woman’s experience of living in foster care , she lived in airdrie aswell.
  • Its colours they are fine , or Rupert Bear and The San Izal. He’s my fave author. I read his short story on repeat in hospital. “To be dead , to be finished . To be with God” Omg I love his writing so much.
  • Maybe Black and blue i dk it’s a bit dark for me. I dont really like books about murder and that.

And that’s kind of it , I have a lot more books to read and I’m not as well read as some but perhaps I have something to offer. I dk ?

Its dire that you think , I should be imprisoned miss whyte. You dont know what those hospitals are like , you lie terrified every night. It’s not something you want to play no game of rummy can take it away. You suffer at the hands of the state. Ide rather be dead. For heavens sake.

Like Never Before


A day of Thanksgiving
Like never before
With loved ones not gathered
Some here, no more

For those without work
Through struggles, endure
Those in great pain
Like never before

Great is our worry
Our hope to restore
The future uncertain
Like never before

We know the answer
Hold faith at the core
So, let us pray now
Like never before

For still, we give thanks
To the One with the cure
For we need Him now
Like never before

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Our Beautiful Tartan

I don’t like the yanks
stay away from me.
No one ever talks about what they did to he.
We talk about Europe
We talk about France.
We don’t talk about the poisoned rain that fell upon our backs.
How could anyone be so evil.
Our faces were burnt off
Our children were crying at the doorway of the church.
There was no good reason for that.
You snakes , you sluts , you cunts , you rats.
And now its us who pay the price our sons our wives.
Our beautiful tartan our glorious night.
The innocent who don’t put up a fight.
No apology can ever make this right.