What I Watch In A Day

On YouTube and Ticktock you always see people posting about what they eat in a day / do in a day. Let me tell you now I have a very boring life I only go to college twice a week and am currently on holiday so have been watching a lot of films this is a collection of films I watched yesterday. Enjoy and please follow.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

This film was quite good. Its available on Now TV for anyone in the UK. I thought the acting was quite good I liked the suspense built up at the start when he’s hunting for the golden ticket. I didn’t really like when he went into the factory after every disaster like the boy falling into the chocolate river or the girl getting chucked down the bin shoot by squirrels there was always a song by the Ompa Lumpas which I felt spoiled it slightly as the original film had some nice songs in it. overall I’d give it 3 out of five.

Zombie Land

Zombie Land again available on Now TV was great. I love this film and have watched it a couple of times. I love the acting , the suspense , the comedy I just really enjoy it. It’s quite funny some of the ways they fight off the zombies like hitting them with them with the top of a toilet or just driving over them. Also I like the ending where the main character breaks his rules hes used to stay alive one of them being dont be a hero to save the girl he loves. overall five out of five.


Twilight is a classic film I think everyone has heard of. Apart from it being a little cheesy I actually enjoy the twilight saga. I love a romance and Edward and Bellas passionate love for each other. Overall I’d give it four out of five.

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