Should Cannabis Be Legal In Scotland?

Should Cannabis Be Legal In Scotland?  

Before I start this post. I just wanted to mention I am in no way a medical expert or know anything about medicine this is just my opinion lol 😊

When we think of people smoking weed, we often call those who smoke it junkies or dow an outs yet taking anti-depressants or having a Beer is socially acceptable. Growing up my mum had epilepsy I saw her and still see her having severe fits every night , the medication she is given doesn’t help. My mum is a very proud person who has never even touched a cigarette but I think If cannabis was available on prescription, it would be different.

Many countries around the world legalize cannabis. Its been about two years since I’ve had a joint and I’ve only ever done it occasionally mostly because I cant get my hands on it. Whereas some European countries you can just go to a coffee shop and buy it without feeling like some low life criminal.

I suffer from severe depression and psychosis. It affects my whole life. I struggle to get out the house , take my medication or concentrate in college and it worries me that I might never work. People argue that cannabis causes psychosis but in my opinion isn’t something that’s grown naturally better than an anti psychotic tablet made with god knows what ? It’s the same with people who are in chronic pain as well as being mentally unfit. Would it not help them?  

I think its time we ended the stigma around smoking cannabis. I would love to have a joint to just settle me at night and help me sleep , or to chill me out in the mornings so I could do more activities and I believe Cannabis could untimely help me have a happier better quality of life.  

5 thoughts on “Should Cannabis Be Legal In Scotland?

  1. Can you get CBD oil without the THC? We had a dog that started having seizures and once a dog goes on anti seizure meds they are on them for ever and they do not necessarily help. We put our little Dog on CBD and he only had three seizures for the next ten years. The reason it’s not legal is because the pharmaceutical companies know that THC has many qualities that can be used for medical reasons. In many states within the United States it is legal and the state makes a killing on the taxes. They are able to keep the roads in great shape and do many projects that they would never be able to do without the proceeds from taxing cannabis. In Washington state it is legal and has been for a long time. There are all kinds of laws to keep people from abusing the law or having wild parties, etc. my guess is that cannabis is far less damaging than the use of alcohol on a regular basis. The only thing that might happen is the consumption of salty and sugary foods, ie would increase and there would be more bakery businesses. It is not legal in North Carolina where I live and I would not break the law even though it is just a misdemeanor, like a traffic ticket. Good luck to you, I don’t know if it would be helpful but I’m guessing it might. There are an awful lot of legal drugs on the market that have caused horrible side effects and even caused death in those who have to take it. When money is involved, and there is money to make, the government is always going to be looking to make as much money and fill as many pockets as possible. Pharmaceutical companies stand to make a lot of money on medicinal marijuana. Blessings to you and your mom and hope that she is able to get some CBD oil and try that for her seizures. Much love and hugs❤️🤗🦋Joni

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        You can get CBD oil without THC (the part of the plant which makes people high) legally. The attached article tells you what the law is and how to get CBD oil legally. This might help stop your mother’s seizure. It is also recommended by some neurologists in North Carolina for pain and some sell it in their offices. Good luck to you. Blessings to you and your mother. Love ❤️ Joni

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