Shaun Of The Dead (British Horror classic)

Shaun of the Dead (2004) - IMDb

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Shaun of the dead is a British Horror comedy released in 2004 directed by Edgar wright. The film is about a zombie apocalypse that takes over the UK and contains themes such as friendship , responsibility and maturity. It is part of the coronetto trilogy along with Hot Fuzz and the Worlds End.

The whole plot of the film is Shaun , Ed and his friends trying to seek safety in a pub called the Winchester. The film starts normally with Shaun working in a local electrical shop , and ED staying inside all day playing the ex box and sometimes selling weed. They both live together as housemates along with Pete who hates ED.

Things start to get weird after Shaun gets dumped by his girlfriend Lizzie and him and ED go to the Winchester to let off steam , as they leave theirs a couple who look like their kissing but are actually getting eaten by a Zombie however Ed and Shaun are to drunk to notice. They stumble home and start playing loud music which annoys Pete who comes down stairs exclaiming he has work and shouting for them to turn it off. Thats when they relies hes been bitten on his hand although nothing comes of it and he goes back to bed.

In the morning Shaun goes to the shop and doesn’t even notice the zombies around him grabbing a coke and saying he’ll pay the shop keeper lately. The first revelation of what is happening is when ED notices a girl in their garden.

Ed and Shaun friendship is tested throughout the film but peaks when they are outside the pub surrounded by zombies and Ed starts taking on his phone making them recognized. They have a bit of a lovers tiff.

The film ends with Shaun Lizzie and Ed stuck in the pubs basement , they have a gun and consider killing themselves instead of being eaten by zombies. However they discover a remote which takes them outside where they luckily get to safety.

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