My Favorite Film Of 2020

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a novel by English author D. H. Lawrence, first published privately in 1928 in Italy and in 1929 in France.[2] An unexpurgated edition was not published openly in the United Kingdom until 1960, when it was the subject of a watershed obscenity trial against the publisher Penguin Books. Penguin won the case and quickly sold three million copies.

The current BBC Drama was released on the 6th of December 2015 and is a romantic Drama set in the 1920s . One major theme in the film is class divide. Lady chatterer is happily married to arcisoft however after the war cliffered whom is confined to a wheel chair and unable to produce offspring. She grows restless with the fact that her husband is not the same and begins an affair with the grounds gamekeeper who had also served in her ranks during WW1. In the 1920s It was frowned upon and a scandal for a lady to have a relationship with a lower class man let alone an affair.

One of the things I didn’t enjoy about this film is the romance of of poorer life which we see in books also , we even see it in major films like blockbusters where the third class party was the fun , even though currently (well not even currently because of lockdown) All you get are a few people in the pubs and its really not much of a party , but this film is like choose a class and they always chose the bottom class because why would you not not ?Who wouldn’t want to live in disease and rat infested places? No offense to the game keeper would def fuck him like. ]

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