Raising The School Leaving Age In Scotland

Why The School leaving age should be upped to 18 in Scotland

There is a well known quote that education is our greatest weapon and it’s TRUE. Education protects us from poverty , it protects us from making the same mistakes as those that have gone before us , it raises our self esteem it gives us the chance to fulfil our dreams. However many children are missing out on the opportunity to complete their education and reach their full potential as the government has decided it is fair that some children should be aloud to “leave” school early or slip through the net.

A first reason as to why the school leaving age should be upped , is to create a more equal and knowledgeable society. Children, teenagers are the future. As much as they like to think they know it all. They don’t. Hidden under the dock Martins and super dry backpacks , rock music and arrogance. Lies a vulnerable, maturing individual. As well as teaching teenagers the basic maths and literacy , education also teaches us about the benefits we are entitled to and discrimination in the workforce. That is why I also think modern studies should become a compulsory subject up until forth year.

I think children should have a balanced diet when it comes to education. This means you have to take a subject from every area up until the age of 16 even if science and maths isn’t your strong point or English and history isn’t your walk in the park. it’s good to understand these subjects. Say you have 6 subjects to chose. You should then have to chose one social science subject , one stem subject , one business subject and one lifestyle subject e.g music , art , home ec , or physical education. ( or ecology? )
I also think what is taught to those under the age of 16 is not very well organised. Take history for example we are taught in forth year about war and revolutions while in higher they are taught about things like social welfare reforms and wars of independence. To me this seems very backward thinking. I think we need to be more careful when it comes to teaching younger more vulnerable children about wars. We have to remember that these distressing events actually took place and that it’s not very appropriate to be teaching it casually to children.

Furthermore I think texts taught at national 5 English can be shallow and right wing. Classic texts like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre and poets like Robert Burns or T.S Eliot are not taught at national 5 level in a fear they will be to challenging. I say. Rubbish. Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy classical good literature even if it is more challenging for teachers. I think when it comes to teaching poetry it is wrong to only teach Scottish poetry as I find this very biased and unconsciously leading children like mindless nationalist sheep.
Moving off subject the Scottish national party has decided to give everyone in the NHS a £500 bonus for their great work. This I find slightly disgusting. It’s like the NHS is a sacred sand castle that no one is afraid to stomp on and destroy. The NHS should first and foremost be about patients and not about staff. Like in every job some people are good and some people are poor. Some NHS nurses can be creepy cold and unsympathetic. Some teachers can be bigoted and ignorant. And some writers can be delusional and selfish. It’s just life.
To conclude the legal school leaving age in Scotland should be increased to 18 to give every child the opportunity to prosper and for them to achieve their full potential whatever their background , nationality , race , gender or disability.

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