Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline in Fife on November fifth 1935. He was brought up in a weaver’s cottage which had only one room and was educated at a free school. When he was thirteen his father fell on hard times as a handloom weaver and the country was in a state of starvation. He Emigrated to the USA in 1948 with his father who was a handloom weaver his family had to borrow money in order to emigrate. They emigrated in hope of a better life. He started work at thirteen in a textile mill making eighty pence a week for sixty hours work. He then became a telegraph boy. He went to night school and took bookkeeping. His break came when he went to work for the railroad he became head of the western division within seven years. He went from making eighty pence a week to some fifty-seven thousand dollars a year in the space of ten years. He went from there to steel and moved up the ladder. By nineteen hundred his company showed some forty million pounds in profit and is employed some twenty thousand people in the space of around fifty years. However, Carnegie was also known for buying out competitors and depressing wages. He married Louise Whitfield in 1886 age 51. His employees did not always appreciate his methods though in years to come many others would benefit from his generosity as he gave some three hundred and fifty million dollars towards the building of libraries, schools, towards the arts and peace movements the purchase of parks and for education in the last eighteen years of his life he gave away $350 million. He made his money through manufacturing. He is identified as one of the richest people ever with a net worth of 309billion.

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