A letter to you

Do you think your the only one with problems? Yes you told us your sons ILL and your sister died at a young age. But I had to witness my mother having severe seizures all my life. It traumitises you. No wonder I’m depressed and psychotic. And now you want to punish me , who gives you the right ? My niece has to sleep in this house too. And you want to put this on my shoulders to label me as some evil psycopath. I’m not a quiet girl anymore that you can tell off , or roll your eyes at. Im a woman. So piss off. You tried to kill yourself , so did I. I went down and ate that food every bloody night and not one person gave a shit. And I tried to grab that food off his daughter and the nurses stopped me. What he did was wrong. What they gave me made my teeth black and my noes bleed and my shits come out really fast one more week and I would of been dead. One day after taking blood my noes started to bleed and the posher nurses was like we’re gonna go play cards and not think about it. How dare they. And now they want to execute my old head. How fucking dare they.

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