My Favourite Films

I never used to watch films that much , but now I relish the storylines. It’s all I can do most days is sit and watch films or tv or YouTube. I like the escapism of it, perhaps even more than I like books. Watching films is easier for me to digest. So here is a list of the films that made me :

Les-miserables-movie-poster1Titanic_(Official_Film_Poster)poppinsjane eyre

1. Mary Poppins. For some reason this film stands out to me. I remember watching it as a child I must of been around six or seven and just being taken away into a different world with the most haunting music and setting.

2.Titanic. I was obsessed with this film when I was about twelve. I remember making the event one of my personal projects in school. I loved the characters of this heart felt love story. The tragedy of Titanic resonated with me somehow.

3. Les miserables. I discovered this film as a teen and I’ve always believed in revolution and what happens in it. The storyline is also very good and complex and gets your mind working. I also love a good musical.

4. Jane Eyre. I love the film almost as much as I love the book. As you can tell I love a captivating love story. And Janes passionate affair with rochester has your eyes stuck to the television.


15 thoughts on “My Favourite Films

  1. Les Misérables really is a musical movie that made me develop my passion for musicals. I did have to give the film a 2nd chance before truly becoming a fan. Last Year- I had to get a 2nd copy because I wore out the first. Now- in total saw the stage show six times. Never will grow tired of Les Mis.

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  2. Les Misérables and Titanic are a masterpiece, pure classic cinema and truly artistic. 😍

    I don’t know about the other two, I haven’t watched them.

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  3. 👍🏾👏
    As a child I was only fond of reading. In my youth it was both – movies and books and then back to books 😊
    I have seen the first 2 and read the last 2 😊

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  4. Les mis is amazing. I saw it live. It was so intense. The acting blew my doors in. The movie is phenomenal too. I love mary poppins. It’s a great classic. Have you ever seen the sound of music???

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