A Post On Failure

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If I am being brutally honest with myself I would call myself a failure. I dropped out of school aged 16 which in some peoples eyes makes you only useful for collecting bins or scrubbing toilets. My grammar isn’t up to scratch my writing misspelt and disorganised. Would I preach to the gods that this is the best way to live your life. No I wouldn’t. Poverty is brutal and takes its tole on you. If you want to spend your life on the couch watching Come Dine With Me and Primark hauls and hanging around the bus station all day filling your lungs with god knows what to numb your reality out then by all means follow in my foot steps.

If you want to drive around in a BMW and go shopping for fruit in Waitrose. Then maybe stay in school. However I suppose our experiences make us who we are. I for example am probably a chav who roams the streets in a hoodie and leggings. I am the definition of slipping through the net. Although I’ve made good friends and art from the depths of hell which would never have happend if I didn’t make the choices I did…. I suppose.

Perhaps In some ways failure is good for us It makes us more humble. It gives us a different perspective. You look at a homeless person on the street and instead of judging them your like Jesus Christ Im one away from being them !! And hastily hand them your months benefits (Jks)

Just go easy on yourself If you find yourself at the job centre your among thousands of people in the same boat. Dont live alone with your fear of failure.

11 thoughts on “A Post On Failure

  1. Hmm, seems to me that this post says one thing and shows me another. Keep writing, keep dreaming… you never know where that might take you – oh, and keep sharing your stories 🙂

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  2. It doesn’t sound to me like you have failed at anything. Following the status quo, just for the slight chance you may get to the point society thinks you should be at is in my mind, the real failure. You can certainly do things your own way and have a good life, a life that has meaning- to you.

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  3. My husband left school at 14 (of course that was 60-odd years ago) convinced he was a failure because his teachers had failed to teach him. (Their failure, not his. Granted, he was out of school for a couple of months every year having his eyelid rebuilt – he was born missing one – and you didn’t get hospital tutors or catchup lessons back then).
    He still is convinced he’s not bright in spite of a successful uniformed career after first qualifying as an engineer, and then an electrician. Since retiring he’s qualified as an MOT inspector.
    His two sons are successful in whatever they do (second marriage – my four are doing OK-ish).
    He is one of the most accurate readers of people I know (as long as he’s not fond of the person, because then wishful thinking blinds him).
    He thought sudoku would be beyond him till I sat him down and worked through one. He picked it up immediately and soon graduated to five-star puzzles (it’s only logic, after all. Nothing to do with numbers).
    But he still tells me he’s not clever.

    Never write yourself off.
    You never know till you try… and when you’ve tried, don’t forget everyone needs practice.

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  4. Your life today does not need to be the last page in the last chapter of your book of your life. Your life begins today. Charles Dederich, a drug addict, Synanon Founder said “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

    Look ahead and plan tomorrow. It can be what you want it to be or at least better. If I don’t get out of bed in the morning it is my own fault. Dream and believe and the rest will come. Trust God first. Without God in our lives we are all fools.

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  5. This is so inspiring. You’re a great writer. Schooling can only do so much. It’s really neat when we look back on things and see where we are and who we are. It’s really a wild ride. You’re an inspiration. Don’t forget that ever my friend!

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