Alexander Millar – The Working Man

Alexander Millar is a scottish artist who creates painting on Scotlands working man , he says in an interveiw he bases his art on working men that he grew up around in the 1960s who worked in industries like the Glasgow shipbuilding and mining and all wore caps , and that his art is a tribute and remberence to them. I read an article about him in the Scotsman back in January but it was not I stumbled upon his art on Google images that I realised that was who it was.

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I’m not hugely into Art myself and don’t have much knowledge on the subject (If any knowledge on the subject) but as I’ve matured as a writer I’ve found that I also wan’t to base my work on industrial Scotland as it’s where I’ve grown up and have the most knowledge and connection to , so I look for any other art forms that have had the same idea as me and managed to do this , and Andrew captures the fine details so well it does take your breath away a little. I think also as I don’t have much knowledge of art it almost makes it better as you look at these paintings in complete ignorance and wonder how anyone can have the skill to create something so beautiful.

alexander millar

My favourite (that I saw on google images) probably has to be this one. The colours give it quite a rustic haunting effect , and I think there was something quite sadening about the polluted river in the picture that struck me. Also the whole picture seems quite ghostly with only the houses and one man cycling away in the distance and the dark shadowy colours. To me it almost symbolises present day scotland , as most of our industries have closed down and we kinda now live amongst an industrial wasteland which is what I took from this picture.

andrew millar 2

I think this one is his most famous repspectably so. I love the detail in this picture like the leaning telephone pole and factory chimneys in the background. Also the fact that all the men have fags hanging out their mouths and almost look identical highlights their identiy and position in society. I also love the warm colours in this picture which contrasts with the mens clothing and the way they all are looking at the ground perhaps reveals how hard they worked or maybe it’s even an expression of sadness or hoplessness as this could be them walking home perhaps even for the last time.

AMI_Take_The_High_Road (1)


This one is called “Take The High Road”. I love the bridge in this picture as our bridges are such a huge part of Scottish Identity. The man in this photo could also be a tribute to those men who built the bridges. I’m not sure what the steps in this photo mean or the man standing at the top of them the picture itself is called “Take The High Road” so perhaps by him putting the man at the top of the steps it’s almost showing how big a contribution this man and men like him made to Scotland and how big a contribution Scotlands industry made to the world.


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