Chased By A Bumble Bee

Currently were in the month of June , YAY! summer. And as much as I’m loving the nice weather (even in Scotland I know global warming really is getting bad) and light nights and the overall better spirits that come with this time of year. It’s also the time of year that bees and wasps come out to play. I don’t mind bumble bees they keep to their own business …usually and I know their really rare and we need them. Wasps on the other hand can please go instinct because wasps are the rats of the insect world. But today I was putting out the washing and I have steps going up to my grans garden and on the wall is a great big purple flower bush (not sure what kind it is I’m not good with plants so I’m just going to call it a big purple flower bush , because BEST DESCRIPTION EVER!! ) Anyway one came chasing me and I was like OMG!! get away. But it reminded me of a nice time when I was little and I wen’t to a bee farm and got to learn about bees and taste the different kind of honeys they produced one being Heather honey my name and overall it was a really positive experience.

It made me think about how that educational experience really changed my perception and how important it was as most children and adults could go through there whole life viewing bees as a negative thing and not one to be protected. I think education experiences like this are so important for children. I felt when I was little I didn’t get enough education on things outside the basics we learnt in a classroom and I think this makes children have a very closed minded , negative experience of schooling and learning when learning is a life long thing. We never got to learn about the natural environment and plants even though these things are so important for good mental health and I feel that schools should be playing there part in this. Also when it comes to politics we don’t learn about it until secondary this is far to late. Politics is so important and voting and learning about movements and local history that affects people in their area is so important. In primary I learnt about the Victorians and ancient Egypt before I learnt about woman’s rights movements or the different political parties this seems a bit backwards to me , as these are things that directly effect my life. Moral of the story just because education is compulsory doesn’t mean everything they teach is right and they have the right priorities. Also protect bees.


Author: TalesOfAScottishLassie

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