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I’ve started a lot of blogs in the past but none that have really hit it off. Yet today I started this blog a Scottish Lassie and It feels like I’ve hit the nail on the head Finally. I thought about making a blog on a lot of things books , music , leftism but they all seem very generic and I’m not sure if I’m an outstanding enough reviewer to survive against the hundreds of  blogs on these topics out there. So I thought whats close to home? what is there about me that isn’t dull that I would like to be defined by? My culture of course! I come from Scotland and our culture isn’t something you could run out of writing about quickly for such a small population everyone knows we are a power house when it comes to the arts , sciences and recipes. America may have burgers but it will never beat a fried mars bar , England may have Easterners but can compete against Harry potter , Sherlock homes , and Doctor Who …… I think not !!! Music they can have Justine Bieber any day we have Biffy , Twin Atlantic , Frightened Rabbit .And our language is the brawest of them all. Should I go on ………

  • Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
  • Penicillin
  • Andy Murray
  • Sectarianism
  • The telly
  • coos
  • oats – We conquered hunger.
  • Aileen Paterson
  • Bagpipes

OK you get the picture ,

other country’s may have their riches but it will never beat our whisky. 🙂


Small Collective Haul (New look , George , Primark)

So the first items of this haul I got from primark. I bought some cotton pads , pearl earings and fluffy socks. Not much I know but I love them. (Sorry theres only one sock in this photo)


The next items are from george I got a burgandy striped top (It looks black in this photo but its actually burgandy) and a black glittery off the shoulder dress which will be perfect for going out at at christmas and new year wither its going to a party or a work night out. (The tshirt needs a bit of an iron sorry. )



The next items are from new look. I bought a pink snake skin shirt , because I bought a similar floral shirt in the summer so I thought i’de go with this one. I also bought a pink and blue croped jumper.


I also got a few beauty bits out of body care I bought coconut face wipes for removing my make up and I bought the simple rich moisturiser because my skin has been really dry recently.


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What I Wear (make up)

This is gonna be my everyday make up routine this is just products that I use on an everyday basis its very simple but pretty hope you enjoy.

So the first product I use is the Rimmel Match perfection foundation.


Sorry this is quite a blurry photo I love this foundation as it gives a really sleek flawless finish I just apply it with a beauty blender.

The second product I use is the collection lasting perfection concealer. I just use this to brighten up around my eye area.


The third Item I use is the clinique redness solutions setting powder. I just use this to set my foundation and cover up any redness. This is a holy grail product it is very good.


Another product I use is the Mac global glow skin finish This is a bronser / highlighter and I just apply this to my cheek bones for a nice fresh glow.


Moving onto eyes on an everyday basis I ushually miss out eyeshadow and go straight onto eyeliner. This is the one I’m using at the moment.


Then last but not least I use the No7 mascara to finish off the look.


Calvin Harris Music Reveiw.

So if you hadn’t guessed this blog is very scottish. Another brilliant artist I like is Calvin Harris.

These are a few of my favourite songs.

First off is Sweet Nothing this is a clasic song which is loved by many I just love florence and The Machine aswell and this song is just so good.

Another song I love is How Deep Is Your love.

I love this song because its just so simple but great to listen to.

And last but not least is Calvin Harrises Blame.

I love thsi song. The mans voice in it is so haunting and beautfull.

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My Current Skincare Routine

The first thing I have to add is that I dont use a lot of products on my skin. Yet the ones I do use work wonders.

The first item I use on my skin is the simple kind to skin cleanser. I feel like this cleans your skin really well and removes any dirt and old make up. It is also really gentle and soothing on your skin.


The second Item I use on my face is Lucra face cream. This was actually my mums but I knicked it off her (hehe) This face cream acts as a great base for your make up and also helps moisturise your skin. Its also really cheap and affordable. So great all round.


The next item is by far my favourite. It is the Marks and Spencer lavender body lotion. I mainly just love this because it has lavender in it (I do love me some lavender) I use this before bed to help aid my sleep and moisturise my body and it works a treat. It always reminds me of something my nana would have which is a nice thought.


The next item is the last one. And its the vaseline coco butter lip balm. I love this lip balm as it moisturises my lips so well and smells amazing.


Thats it for my skincare folks thanks for taking the time to read and please give a like and a follow if you enjoyed it.

Him and Her (Tv Reveiw)

So this program is a bit ancient considering it last aired in 2014 but it is so funny. This program is available on netflix. Its a lighthearted comedy about two unemployed people who just lay about in their flat all day. aka me this is why I relate to it so much. They have visiters from Dan their weird next door neighbour also Beckys (One of the main characters )annoying sister laura and her fiance Paul.

The first episode starts with them laying in bed talking about the sex they’ve just had. Then steve sees a spider on the floor and is scared by it. He also gets a phone call from paul whos just spent the night with another woman. Also steve is tasked with the task of making toast for becky but doesn’t want to make it as becky might get crumbs on the bed then he accidently lets slip that its something julie his ex used to do. The episode concludes with paul and laura coming round and laura fiding out about how paul cheated.

The main themes in the program are love , conflict , sex. Thats about it. There is a lot of conflict in this program. The third episode of series 1 is where Becky and steve are getting ready to go to a fancy dress party for pauls son. They are farting around a lot becky is putting on make up steves on the phone and they are really late. At the end of the episode there is a big stand off between paul and steve where paul is raging about them being late and not bringing the sausage rolls and also that steve is refusing to dress up.

There are four seasons altogether.

Overall the program is very funny and entertaining and you should go watch it.

him and her

Right Wing ??

We all know the phrase survival of the fittest? Its a darwinian theory and the believe behind faschism , and the creation of the nazis. However a lot support it. The idea that the top of society are there in their rightful position because they are the strongest individuals and they deserve it and the bottom are there again correctly in their position because they are weaker. I do to some extent believe this theory. I beleive that the poor are. Yes. Weaker. However is that not the desired outcome? Is the aim of the upper classes not to keep the poor weak and oppressed to stop them rising up against them? Life is competitve. However I do not beleive in justifying greed. There is no trikle down to the bottom. We’re worse off than we have been in years. To my full power I believe I have seen enough of the shit to come to bevelive in this. In the bible (not that I’m christian) It says the poor will always be with us. But isn’t poverty like anything else free to fluxtuation and improvement or worsening. We deny revolution can be done. But it can be. It’s been done before. I’m a bit of a robin hood character myself I belive more needs to be  taken from the rich to give to the poor and yet presently it seems the other way round in that the rich are using the poor to make themselves richer.

She watched as the rain pounded off the tile roofs of the houses opposite, the water running down the rusted drain pipes and small lucent droplets collecting upon the telephone wires. The orange brickwork was dampened, the drains below overflowing flooding the pavements with brown murky sewage. The sky above was ashen, the barren grey mixed with black smoke pouring from the chimneys. She felt very alone as she huddled on her worn felt armchair in her small bedsit a lank tartan blanket draped around her shoulders. It was Saturday her day off, a day of the solitude of four walls and the depression that leached on a moment of idleness. She sat with a cheap fashion magazine open upon her lap but the words kept blurring and she’d drift off into her own mind a lot. There was a bang on the door “Ay Ann you coming out!” the familiar sound of her friend wrung out awakening her senses. She looked down at what she was wearing and felt at the state of her unwashed hair. “Open the door” her mate demanded thumping on it again. She quickly grabbed a clean looking blouse throwing it on quickly, fumbling with the intricate buttons and pulling on a beige knee length skirt, before running to get the door off the latch. Her friend stood their pouting her bright red lips unimpressed. She looked good as usual tall and slim with long legs and short artificially curled ginger hair. “You coming to the pub.” Ann felt run down and for a brief moment she wanted to deny the offer but nodded in agreement pushing through the wave of fatigue. “aye” she said “just let me put my boots on “she let her mate in. Her friend glanced around her small dim bedsit in disgust. “We need to get you a man this place is dingy” Ann shrugged she’d moved from a woman’s hostel into here twelve months ago. She rented it off a private landlord and new they’re could be a lot worse places to stay. Yet the isolation of staying on her own wasn’t good for her health and some days she’d go into herself stuck on her own for nights on end. She pulled a hair brush through her mangled dry hair trying to tame the frizz. Her friend lay lounged out on her bed spectating her attempt with a look of dissatisfaction on her face. Ann ran her fingers through her hair pulling it back and securing it with a bobble. Her friend came over to assist picking up a small slight kirby from her bedside cabinet. She came face to face with Ann and used her slim fingers to smooth back the hair and then scraped the sharp kirby across her scalp securing the stray strand. Ann shoved on her worn boots, the outside of them was a faded discoloured brown and the material in the inside had worn through at the heel so that the hard leather rubbed at her skin.