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I found this tag on Charlotte, Somewhere. There really weren’t any rules. Pretty much it was answering the questions.

The Last Book I Gave Up On– So far haven’t given up on a book

The Last Book I Re-Read– The Last Battle. Well, more like the entire Chronicles or Narnia series

The Last Book I Bought– It really belongs to two books. Those are the first two Nevermoor books.

The Last Book I Said I Read, But Didn’t– Never did this either

The Last Book I Wrote In The Margins Of– Most likely this was Les Misérables

The Last Book I Had Signed– Well, it was more like a church friend giving me a signed book. Not me going to get a book signed. Despite not liking the Wicked book by Gregory McGuire, I still have a signed edition with a drawing of…

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Film Review

Bomb City – Review

Bomb city is based on the true story of the death of Brian Deneck in 1997. The film shows the conflict and isolation between the more wealthier jocks and the punks of the town and the violence that occurs between the two groups that leads to the murder of Brian Deneck and how no one was sentenced for it.

In todays society we would call these kids punks , goths , underclass because of the music they listen to , clothes they where , wither their on drugs. In the film we see the group violently attacked and violated by the police and the more wealthier part of the town.

 The film reveals the prejudice and injustice in the legal system at the time.

There are many clashes between the Jocks and the punks but one night the violence comes to a peak when the two groups are fighting in a local car park leading to the death of Brian Deneck. When taken to court the verdict was not guilty.

The main theme in the film is conflict , put love and friendship play a big part to. Brian is determined to keep his girlfriend safe at one point telling her she shouldn’t go out unarmed , because he doesn’t trust or feel safe in the community where he lives.

At one point the gang are chased by the police for spray-painting. The police storm their flat without a warrant forcing them to the ground and spraying pepper spray in one of their eyes.

Overall this film relates a lot to what we still see today the injustice in the police and just in general the relationship between rich and poor.   

Of Mice and Men Review

Of Mice and Men – Review

Maybe you should put a bullet through my head like they do with sick horses, maybe they’ll have to put a bullet through your head one day too. – Peaky Blinders

I have to admit this is the first book I have properly started to read in a long time. It was the name that attracted me at first as the title of the book was inspired by Robert Burns To A Mouse.The book was written in 1937 and is told in third person.  However, the plot line also interested me. Its about two friends one of whom is mentally disabled.

Both of them have fallen on hard times drifting about living in the woods , both unemployed. At the start of the book we can tell the frustration between the two friends. For instance, Lennie picks up a dead mouse and wants to keep it and his friend has to talk him round putting it down. Also Lennie complains that he wants ketchup with his beans and his friend tells him sharply their isn’t any. Personally being slightly disabled myself I feel empathy for Lennie.

The main theme in the book is companionship as throughout the book the two friends are always together.

They go to a ranch in hope of finding work. The farm is symbolic of the American dream they come to the ranch hoping they can own their own land and have freedom in their toil. Instead their forced into an oppressive job full of fear and isolation. They don’t particularly like the ranch but have to stay for the money.  At the ranch they meet Candy an old handyman. Candy owns an old dog which everyone in the ranch agrees they should shoot. The dog represents a being who has outlived his or her purpose in life. Despite Candys objection the dog gets shot. It is also symbolic of the weak overpowering the strong.

Curley is the main antagonist of the story and owns the ranch. From the very start he is rude to Lennie because he has learning disabilities and likes to pick on those weaker than themselves. (Something that unfortunately seems like it never changes in our society.) Curleys wife also takes an interest In Lennie which makes the whole atmosphere of the book tense and hostile.

Overall the book is quite interesting and has some interesting characters and conflict in it. It creates a sense of what being poor and disabled at that moment in history was like in America which no other author has really achieved. Really good book.


Not the cheeriest of topics for this time of year but I feel it really is time for me to be open and honest about my battle with PTSD and how around this time of year two years an experience changed my life forever. Ive already talked about my experience in a psyciatric hospital but In that post I tried to be witty , I tried to forget all the things that were pushed on me in my late teens and still havent left me. I havent ever expressed the darker side to these institutions.

Before I didnt really understand what PTSD was. Now I do. Even the suttle smell off a leather couch in a bar takes me back to that place. I think hospitals like prisons are made to break people. There made to make you feel less than. They make you feel like Scum.

However im here to talk about life after hospital.Hospital effected me deeply. I can be sitting on a bus one day and literally forgett where I am. I feel disorntated , zombie like , paniky , delusional , depressed.I used to go to sleep at eleven now my bed time is nearer half seven im that low. I force myself to leave the house but usually its only to buy a packet of fags. Any hope of a decent job  is down the drain. I blame other people. Could I have prevented myself going into hospital. Yes. I could of taken my medication , I could of pushed myself to leave the house more. Yet at the same time I went into hospital cause I needed help and instead I got degraded , dehumanised , mutilated. The care I got was not good.

Current Favourites

My favourite music of this year so far:

“Its dripping in my ear and it don’t sound funny”

  1. motorcycle emptiness
  2. Don’t mind me (this song is by an Irish band and its amazing)  
  3. Set fire to the rain slowed
  4. One way or another (until the ribbon breaks)
  5. Time Chase and Status
  6. Wings – Birdy
  7. The Scientist
  8. In my place
  9. P = (Backstreet boys – I want it that way )
  10. Shine Years and Years
  11. Beating heart – Ellie Goulding
  12. I’m Scum – Idles
  13. Dusk till dawn – Zane
  14. Good years – Zane
  15. You got the love – Florence and the machine
  16. She wolf – David Guetta
  17. When love takes over
  18. My kind of love – Emelie Sande
  19. The sound of silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Books I’m currently reading :  

  • Of Mice and men (its ok/quiet good) the writing isn’t the best but you cant help but fall in love with the characters two friends one of whom is mentally disabled.
  • The Stand, I loved it at the start now Im just getting more and more confused about which characters which and what is actually happening. It’s a really well written book so much so that I don’t think I can get my tiny uneducated brain around it.
  • The man who gave away millions – I’m also currently reading a nonfiction book about Andrew Carnegie, its O.K I prefer fiction.

Perhaps I am the villain
Who knows ?
Perhaps the bible tells us so.

Our god is a great big god
Loops around my head
Like a constant taunt that reminds me. 
That one day I’ll be dead.

So what’s the point in living
Just waiting for tea and cheese on toast
Waiting for the end
While they all sit and boast.